NetCrunch 8 Releases

Version 8.2.1

(September 19, 2014)

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This is strongly recommended update for all existing customers.

Minor Release

New Features and Improvements

  • It is now possible to discover infrastructure devices only
  • Added Services Discovery in node popup menu
  • Active Directory "Organizational Units" can now be used for nodes filtering and map creation.
  • Added option “Do not disturb” to the desktop notification window.
  • Warning about database size now depends on type of hard disk used. (HDD or SSD)

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been fixed:

  • criticalFixed event database stopping after backup of large database
  • criticalFixed memory leak in Unix/Linux monitoring process
  • criticalSNMPv3 performance improvements allow to handle large number of devices now
  • majorFixed disappearing custom map layout
  • majorFixed event generation in language versions (DE, FR, PL)
  • majorFixed action execution for sensor events (DE, FR, PL)
  • majorFixed problems with migration of the policy maps
  • majorFixed "Processor Queue Threshold" counter no longer generates false alerts
  • majorMonitoring Issues are now cleared when monitoring engine is disabled
  • majorSpeedup of loading Node alert statistics in node status
  • minor Max number of event's in Windows Event Log can be changed.
  • minor Fixed Save to file option in NCStatus on Windows 2003
  • minor Fixed Trend Viewer timescale issue
  • minor WMI tools now works for nodes in workgroup
  • minor "Disk Free Space" in performance counters is now visible.
  • minor Improved performance of report creation for large number of nodes
  • minor Over 100 other issues fixed

Version 8.1.6

(July 7, 2014)

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Maintenance Release

This is strongly recommended update for all existing customers. The following issues have been fixed:

  • MajorFixed performance issues when accessing SNMPv3 nodes
  • CriticalOut of memory when importing data from NetCrunch 7.
  • CriticalOut of memory during backup of large number of daily trend files

Version 8.1.5

(June 23, 2014)

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Maintenance Release

The following bugs and issues have been fixed:

  • MajorNo action when clicking on dashboard tiles.
  • MajorOverall performance and stability fixes

Version 8.1.4

(June 11, 2014)

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Initial Version 8 Release

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